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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grayed Out Domain Controllers in SCOM 2012

Had a chance to revisit a post for Operations Manager 2007:

This issue still crops up in Operations Manager 2012. However, I experienced a little twist. In Marnix's post, the "NT Authority\System" account was denied. What I noticed was that the account simply wasn't there at all. In the environment, there were two domain controllers, running Windows 2008 R2 64-bit and both showed up gray after installation of the agent.

Logging into the domain controllers, I ran the HSLockdown tool, adding the local system account as follows:

Browse out to the agent folder in \Program Files\System Center Operations Manager\Agent

System Center Operations Manager 2012 brose to HSLockdown

Run HSLockdown /L to show the account status. Notice in my example that local system is missing.

System Center Operations Manager 2012 HSlockdown /A NT Authority\SYSTEM

Run HSLockdown /A "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" to add the local system account.

System Center Operations Manager 2012 HSlockdown /L


  1. Thanks, I had the same problem with SCOM 2012 R2.

  2. Thank you very much, this was making me crazy!